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SEE - SDI 2003
The Southeast European Spatial Data Infrastructure Conference
23 and 24 October 2003 - Sofia, Bulgaria
Elieff Center for Education and Culture, Studentski grad

Aim of the conference
SEE-SDI 2003 aims to create awareness for the importance of spatial data for all parts of human society and to set the foundation for spatial data infrastructures in the countries of South East Europe.

SDI explained
Spatial data infrastructures encompass the policies, organizational remits, data, technologies, standards, delivery mechanisms and financial and human resources necessary to ensure that those working at global and regional scale are not impeded in meeting their objectives; spatial data infrastructures are pervasive throughout political, business and social life, and are an essential part of the Information Society. Such infrastructures offer access to location dependent data to sectors such as environment, disaster management, agriculture, cadastre and land reform, land planning, transport, e-government and others – spatial data is an important asset of nearly all information and decision support systems.

Detailed objectives
The conference will debate the use and further development of spatial data and their accessibility in South East Europe and globally; it aims to expand the market for spatial information and to convince decision makers of all genres of the need for spatial information. Thus, the conference will provide insights into the existence, use and the applicability of spatial data infrastructures in the region and globally, as well as their future developments. Roadmaps will be presented to establish spatial data infrastructures and make spatial data available to all sectors, in line with European requirements.

Target audience
Participation will be international, targeting politicians, decision-makers and donors who are involved in the definition of future directions of spatial information, its infrastructure and use. Providers of spatial data and information, users and researchers are addressed as well.

SDI financing sources
More than only enabling international partnerships, SEE-SDI 2003 will draw relations to international programs, and evidence sources of financing for spatial data infrastructures. Major budgets are included in major European programs, such as the sixth framework program with GMES, Galileo and other programs, or INSPIRE, the European program for spatial data infrastructures.

GISEE as base of the conference
One major subject of SEE-SDI 2003 will be the presentation of the results of the project GISEE, "GIS Technology and Market in South East Europe". This study is financed by the European Commission; it describes the availability and the use of spatial data and proposes recommendations for the future of spatial data infrastructures in South East Europe.

Successor of GII 2000 in Sofia
SEE-SDI 2003 continues GII2000 (Geographical Information Infrastructure Conference in 2000), the first conference on spatial data infrastructures in the region, which took place in June 2000 in Sofia.

Structure of the conference (sessions and exhibition)
The conference will present the political and social dimension of spatial data infrastructures, and examples from existing infrastructures on its first day; the second day will detail spatial data infrastructures in South East Europe and their applicability. The way forward will be a major theme. Best practice examples will be drawn from several applications such as environment, disaster management, land management and others, as they have been researched by the GISEE project.
The conference will feature an exhibition showing practical contributions to spatial data exploitation.

Expected results of the conference
SEE-SDI 2003 is expected to influence government and donor programs that could benefit from spatial data, and will publish a roadmap for establishing spatial data infrastructures in South East Europe and their use in all application areas. A permanent forum in Southeast Europe on spatial data infrastructures will be a further result of the conference.


Tuesday, 21 October 2003

Meeting of Bulgarian Expert Group

Wednesday, 22 October 2003

ESRI Workshop - Interoperability Tutorial (OpenGIS Consortium)

Thursday, 23 October 2003

Political and European Context of Spatial Data Infrastructures in SEE

Friday, 24 October 2003

Spatial Data Infrastructures in South East Europe and the Way forward


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